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For those with cancer, coping with the uncertainty of the future and the psychological difficulties associated with cancer and its treatment can be just as challenging as dealing with the physical consequences. Nethero has created a masterful workbook for cancer patients, interjected with thoughtful discussions and suggestions for self-reflection. Nethero points out—and many oncology experts would agree—that the attitude of the patient is critical to the success of the treatment regimen.

After Nethero was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma cancer of the colon in 2012, he applied some valuable mental exercises learned from tennis lessons to his approach to cancer care. That is, rather than overthinking the mechanics of his baseline forehand, he absorbed the rhythm of the stroke into his subconscious. Nethero proposes that letting go of the conscious mind and enabling the subconscious mind to take over allows for one to be more fully present in the moment. "Being present to the moment leaves no place for haunting thoughts about the future." And in being fully present, patients may be better able to find inner peace and help their families cope with significant life transitions.

In his writing, Nethero shows tremendous inner strength and psychological resiliency. Some patients may find solace in his gentle reminder of the fragility of life. When Nethero points out that a car accident may claim a life at any time, some readers may be comforted in knowing that at least having a diagnosis has given them some time to fully appreciate family and friends.

Nethero's work offers practical assistance as well as emotional guidance. He provides a discussion of how cancer patients can decide which doctor might be best for them, and how family members can support each other and nurture positivity. Additionally, readers will benefit from the concise, step-by-step guide to mindful meditation and the sample chemo journal.

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