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About the Book

Mental Mastery of Chemotherapy is a true story about one individual, David, who journeyed though six months of chemotherapy. His use of guided meditation and positive mental imagery helped him program his subconscious mind and successfully endure chemotherapy. He experienced minimal side effects and maintained an active and engaged life.

With a focus on harnessing a positive state of mind in order to impact the physical state of being, Mental Mastery of Chemotherapy will help you:


"[David] was able to harness his inner strengths, love of his family, and a mindset that was able to accept, meet, and exceed the inhospitable challenges that a diagnosis and treatment of cancer imposes."

—Dr. Dubovsky, MD

"Nethero has created a masterful workbook for cancer patients, interjected with thoughtful discussions and suggestions for self-reflection."

—US Review of Books

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