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About the Author

On December 13, 2012, David Nethero was diagnosed with Stage 3B adenocarcinoma cancer of the colon. The anxiety about the long list of side effects discussed during his pre-chemo "information sessions" gave way to a mix of fear and excitement at the thought of fighting off the cancer; these emotions followed him to his first chemotherapy session.

At the time of his diagnosis, David had been working with renowned psychologist Dr. George Pratt, author of Code to Joy, to overcome lifelong obstacles through mental focus, positive mental imagery, and meditation. Faced with the largest lifetime hurdle, David decided to practice this method of positive mental conditioning in order to better handle the unavoidable side effects of his chemotherapy treatment.

The results of this positive mentality were undeniable. David was more proactive in his fight against cancer and his continuation of a "normal" life. He maintained journals and logs that documented his progress, built lasting relationships with doctors, provided his family members and friends with hope and courage, and surpassed expectations of his physical limits while undergoing chemotherapy.

Today, David has no visual sign of cancer. He focuses his time and energy on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, spending time with his wife Susan, and promoting the powerful effects of positive mental thinking within the cancer community.

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